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Liquid Chalk - All

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Big Ben Product's has reinvented the wheel!....... figuratively speaking. 
New for 2018 is a whole new formula that makes the chalk even better! 
It has a much better texture and offers better grip - little things make a huge difference! 
Lastly, we've finally fixed the separation issue some had when left to settle for long periods of time! 

Extreme Grip 
What is extreme grip? 
Extreme grip is an even stronger version of our standard liquid chalk. 
It is not recommended for the casual lifter however, there is no stopping you from buying it! 
The difference between this and the standard version is that there is a noticeable tack to it which bonds you, the chalk and the equipment you're gripping. It also lasts longer between needing to reapply because of this. 
There is virtually no chalk dust when using this however there are some "downsides" to this version. 
- It does take slightly longer to dry - a small compromise. 
- It is a little harder to wash off and may take multiple attempts - we told you it was stronger! 

Normal Grip - has now been discontinued!

What is basic?
Basic is just alcohol and chalk, nothing fancy which minimises costs giving you excellent value for money!

1 Review

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    Posted by Kurt Smith on 6th Jun 2019

    So I’ve used chalk before and ordered from Ben for something different.
    After finally getting the chalk out at the expense of the gym floor